How to Upload a PDF and Link to it in WordPress

This steps to do this are simple, but not necessarily obvious. Here’s what to do. Log in to WordPress admin. Click Pages or Posts (or another post type that your theme might support like Testimonials, Team, Services etc). Open the page or post you want to link to the PDF from. Click Add Media -> Upload

Using Google Analytics to View Website Traffic

In recent years we’ve made it standard practice to create Google Analytics (GA) accounts for our clients and install monitoring code on new websites we create, so that you can monitor the traffic on your website to see: how many visits are made to your site how many visits are more than a few seconds

How to take a Screenshot on a PC

There will be times when we will ask you to send us a screenshot of what you are seeing on your computer.  This may happen when we’re supporting you as you learn to use WordPress or another CMS (Joomla, CubeCart, Prestashop, etc), or when you’ve just noticed something isn’t displaying correctly in a particular computer/browser

Hosting vs Domain Registration

“Why am I getting billed a second time this year for hosting?” I’ve been asked this question many times by clients. Some are concerned that their hosting company is double-billing them. Others have assumed that the second notice they received was spam and can be ignored. And others are just plain confused about which companies

How to Choose a Secure Password you can Remember

As a web developer I have access to my clients’ passwords, and have noticed that many of them are not as secure as they could be. Here are some recommendations. What Not to Do Avoid passwords such as ‘password’, ‘secret’ with a single number added, or those that use your name, business name, or a

Keeping Track of Your Passwords

It’s not unheard of for me to spend over 10 hours helping a new client get access to their hosting, domain registration and content management system accounts in order to start working on their site. It’s not just that they’ve forgotten their passwords; often they don’t even know which companies they are dealing with.  Then,

Vector Graphics vs Bitmapped

Source Files Sometimes your web designer or graphic designer will ask you for the “source file” for your logo, a brochure or another graphic, so that they have a high-quality graphic to use as the basis for a design. If the item is a photograph, the designer will want the file that came directly out

The Science of Email Marketing

Review of a Teleseminar Presented by Dan Zarrella of HubSpot I recently attended this online seminar, and was surprised about some of the things I learned. It’s about an hour long, and you can view it here: Dan obtained access to statistics for 9 billion (!) emails sent using MailChimp, and analyzed them. He

How to Create a Link in WordPress

These instructions work for both posts and pages in WordPress. Type the words that are going to link somewhere. Select those words with the mouse. Click the editor button that looks like a link in the chain. (This button doesn’t get activated till you select the text.) Fill in the Link URL box. To link

How to Insert an Image in WordPress

These instructions work for both posts and pages in WordPress. Click the cursor at the start of the paragraph you want to put the image beside. Even if you are going to float the image to the right, you still click at the left, before the first word in the paragraph. Click the little image

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