How to take a Screenshot on a PC

There will be times when we will ask you to send us a screenshot of what you are seeing on your computer.  This may happen when we’re supporting you as you learn to use WordPress or another CMS (Joomla, CubeCart, Prestashop, etc), or when you’ve just noticed something isn’t displaying correctly in a particular computer/browser combination that you’re using which we don’t have available for testing at our end.

Here are steps for saving a screenshot on a PC.

  1. Make sure the web page you are taking a screenshot of is showing on your screen.
  2. If there are any windows on your computer that you don’t want us to see, minimize them.
  3. On your computer keyboard, hold down the Shift button and then tap the Print Screen/SysRq button (which is usually near the top right of your keyboard.)  This saves an image of your whole screen onto the clipboard.
  4. Open up the Paint program that comes with Windows.  You can usually find Paint by clicking Start -> All Programs -> Accessories.
  5. In Paint, you’ll need to create a new empty document and then paste the clipboard into it. My version of Paint (which came with Windows 7) looks like the image below.  After I open Paint, it has already created a document the size of the clipboard and I just have to click the icon of a clipboard (labelled Paste) at the top left and the clipboard contents show up in Paint.
  6. Then click   (which replaces the File menu item from earlier versions of Paint) and choose Save.  Choose to save the image as a jpg.  Make note of where you’re saving this file.
  7. Then email us the jpg file.

If you have an older version of Paint, you may have a File menu item at the top left instead of the little blue button.  In that case, you may need to click File -> New to create a new blank document.  And then use Control-v (hold down the Control key and then tap the “v”) on your keyboard to paste the clipboard contents into Paint.

If you have Photoshop and know how to use it, you an use that instead.

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