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Need Some Help in the Marketing Department?

Are you looking for a one-stop shop, that can design your website, style your social media pages, layout your printed newsletter, and prepare print-ready files for magazine ads and signage? We can do all that!

We also have the technical know-how to create complex, highly interactive, web-based custom software, such as specialty eCommerce, production tracking systems, and project reporting software.

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From Quick Starts to In-Depth Missions

Website in a Week: $1825

Do you need a new responsive website quickly and on a tight budget? Are you able to prepare your content independently, meeting a firm deadline, working from a worksheet of instructions? If you answered YES to both, check out our Website in a Week package!.
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Choose Your Look: $3825

Have clients and colleagues been telling you that you should have a website? Do you have an existing website that is ‘broken’ or out of date? Are you looking to get (back) online quickly and cost-effectively? If so, then this package will fit the bill. First, we hold a 1.5 hour ‘Discovery Session’ with you, then you choose from a handful of distinctive templates, then we customize the fonts and colours and incorporate your photos and logo for a unique look.

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Express your Vision: $6000

You’re one of a kind, right? If you’d like your website to reflect your work, your business or your non-profit in a unique way, this is the perfect package. We take time up front to get familiar with your organization, your goals and your visual tastes. Then we create two designs for you to choose from that reflect your style, feature your most important content, and communicate your message clearly. After you’ve selected one, we make any design changes you request, code it, and populate it with your content.

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Launch your Mission: $10,000+

Creating a new website can bring up all kinds of questions. Who do I want to reach with my website? How do I want them to respond? What information should go on the site and how should it be organized? We’ve found that many of our clients benefit from an outside perspective and some coaching in online marketing and copywriting. This package addresses those needs. We work closely with you to identify your goals and determine where and how your new website can help you achieve them; then we create a unique custom website that’s up to the task. This package blends coaching, strategic planning, visual design and technology implementation into a focused and energetic process of launching (or relaunching) your mission.
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Responsive Design

Many site visitors will view your website on a smartphone or tablet. In keeping with the times, we now build ALL our websites with responsive design, which allows for the best viewing experience on these devices. Regardless of which package you choose, your website will change its layout on the fly to fit the screen of the device it is being viewed on.

Buy What you Need, and Only What you Need

Because each customer’s requirements are different, you can choose from the following additional features to create just what you need.

Extra Pages

Each of our website packages includes content entry and formatting for a specified number of pages. Since our packages make use of WordPress, it’s easy to add more content yourself. Or, you can let us expertly style and add additional pages.

  • Simple pages (a few paragraphs and lists, one or two photos) $50 each
  • Complex pages (tables, long pages, lots of photos, etc) $100 each

Additional WordPress Features (Plugins)

One of the great benefits of working with WordPress is that powerful functionality can be added affordably to your website using off-the-shelf plugins. We’ll install, configure and visually customize your required plugins to integrate seamlessly with your site’s design. Popular plugins include:

  • Event Calendars
  • Slide Shows
  • Photo Galleries
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Newsletter Signup Froms

Custom-Coded Plugins or Software

Need a custom feature in your website that lets you interact with your customers in a unique way? A feature that your competition may not have? If an off-the-shelf plugin isn’t available, we’ve got the technical skills to create it from scratch, either as a custom plugin or by integrating custom code into your theme.

Additional Designs

Although clients rarely require additional website design mockups beyond those offered in our packages, we are happy to create them for you when needed, based on your feedback on previous designs. This option can be purchased after you’ve received the design(s) provided by your package.

Additional WordPress Page Templates

With the exception of Launch Your Mission, all our website packages include one page layout for the home page and a second, different, page layout for all the other pages. If you require additional purpose-designed page templates, just let us know what you need.

Custom HTML Email Template

Many of our clients maintain mailing lists and send out regular announcements or newsletters. Let us take your branding to the next level by building into your MailChimp account a custom HTML email which coordinates with your website.

Logo Formatting for Social Media

Many social media sites allow you to display your organization’s logo in several different locations. However, the aspect ratio in which the logo is displayed may vary for each location, resulting in your logo being stretched, or pixelly, or some of it being cropped out. We’ll create a version of your logo for each social media site you use, which correctly fills the space allowed, without distortion or loss of information due to cropping.

Customization of Social Media Page

If you’d like to go beyond uploading your logo, to have your social media page styled to match your new website, we’ll work with the features offered by each social media platform you use to achieve the best result.

Copywriting for your Website

Writing copy can be time consuming and challenging. If you’d like to hand that task off to an experienced writer, we’ll create compelling and engaging text that communicates your message clearly to your audience.

Style Guide

For the best marketing results, you’ll want to present a consistent brand identity in all your communications. A style guide is a document that summarizes all the fonts, colours and images that comprise your corporate image, and provides guidelines on how to use them consistently. This is particularly useful if there are multiple people in your organization preparing marketing materials.

Email Accounts

Each of our website packages includes creation of up to three email accounts (e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com) on your hosting. If you require additional accounts, this option covers that.

In Person Meetings

Our packages include one or fewer in-person meetings, with the remainder of communication being virtual. But meeting in person is always an option. If you’re located on the Sunshine Coast, we’ll meet with you in an inviting and effective meeting space in downtown Sechelt, at a cost of $100/hour. If you’re located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we’ll travel to your location for a flat rate of $500 for a meeting of up to 5 hours. (These can be scheduled with a lunch break in the middle.)

Printed Marketing Material

We don’t just design for the online world. Our team is proficient at creating elegant and effective printed marketing materials. Let us design your printed materials to ensure consistency across all your marketing, including:

  • business cards
  • advertisements in printed publications
  • infographics
  • layout of magazines or printed catalogs
  • signage
  • posters and single-page flyers
  • trifold brochures
  • postcards
  • wall calendars you can send to your clients

If you’re interested in any of the options on this page, drop us an email and we’ll send you our complete pricing PDF.

Make a Great First Impression with your Branding

Your corporate image tells an important story to your clients, indicating the level of quality and service they can expect when dealing with you. A contemporary, high-quality logo and carefully chosen fonts and colours reassure customers that you’re a professional organization and can be relied on to deliver what you’ve promised.

Your logo, fonts and colours are integral components around which your website can be designed, so if you are planning for both a new corporate image and a new website, you’ll get the best results (in terms of both quality and cost) by doing the corporate image first.

There are two types of logos, and we offer both.

WordMark $400

A wordmark is a logo containing only text. Famous wordmarks include Coca-Cola, FedEx, Facebook and CNN. A wordmark typically includes your business name (or an abbreviation of it), and may occassionally include a tag line. Multiple fonts, font sizes and colours may be used.

This package includes the preparation of three unique wordmark designs and one hour of revision on your selected choice. We will also suggest coordinating fonts and colours for use in your printed materials and website.

LogoMark $950 or $1350

A LogoMark is a unique graphic element, which may or may not include some text. Famous examples include the Nike ‘swoosh’, McDonald’s ‘golden arches’, and Apple’s apple.

The $950 package includes the preparation of two distinct logomark designs and three hours of revision on your selected choice.

The $1350 package includes the preparation of three distinct logomark designs and three hours of revision on your selected choice.

In both cases, we will suggest coordinating fonts and colours for use in your printed materials and website.

Logo Renovations

We’ve also helped clients update outdated logos, keeping their original concept intact, while freshening up colours, fonts and shape. If you’re interested in this, send us an image of your current logo and we can suggest an hourly package that will cover renovation of your logo.

If you’re ready to showcase your organization to best effect, contact us today to discuss how we can achieve that.


SEO Starter Package

Our SEO Starter offering is a cost-effective way to increase your new website’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. This package is available for WordPress sites (which are NOT built with WordPress.com) and for SquareSpace sites. It is designed for websites that have not had prior SEO work. Here’s how it works.

You provide us with two phrases (keywords) that you want your website to rank for. (For example, for our site those might be “web design, vancouver, bc” and “web development, vancouver, bc”.) Then we make a set of changes to your website to improve its ranking for those phrases.

Note: Due to the complex and ever-changing nature of the web, we cannot guarantee particular rankings as a result of our work. If your business works in a highly competitive industry, with many local competitors, it is more difficult to rank near the top than if you are a unique business, with few competitors. If we identify up-front that your web designer has already implemented the SEO strategies that are part of this package, we will advise you not to purchase the package.

The package includes the following:

  1. Add keywords to the website description meta tag of your site.
  2. Install and configure an SEO plugin if your website is built with WordPress.
  3. Modify the following for as many as 5 pages in your website to include your desired keywords: description meta tag, page URL, and page title.
  4. Add your preferred search phrase to the site title.
  5. Submit the website and a website sitemap to Google.
  6. Replace as many as five page-header images with newly named images, which include keywords in their filename.
  7. Write up suggested edits to five pages of your website, so that they include important keywords and phrases and submit this to you for approval.
  8. Upon approval, make those edits for you.
  9. Write up instructions for you explaining how to add image titles and descriptions for images embedded in among the content on your site.

With these techniques, we were able to bring a new townhome development in a small town to the number #1 spot on Google, and to bring a custom home builder, with a number of competitors, to #7 and #8 on Google (after they started out not even ranking for their desired search term on any of the 6 pages of results).

Note: This is an implementation package, not a consultation package, so the following items are not included in this package.

  • Consultation to help you choose your search phrases.
  • Communications time during the implementation.
  • Virtual training on how to follow the instructions in item 9 above.

Development of Custom Web-Based Software

We have the skills in-house to go beyond information-only websites, to create fully custom web-based software. Here are examples of some of the ways we’ve helped our clients reduce business costs, increase efficiency, and succeed online.

  • A wholesale sign-printing company uses custom interactive web-based production tracking software we created to track the production of signs from station to station on the work floor. (We also maintain their online custom ordering system.)
  • A government funded non-profit uses a custom database we created, with password-protected web-based data entry, and click-of-the-button report generation, to track how many children in BC have benefitted from their reading program and to prepare reports for funding agencies.
  • A personal growth workshop provider uses custom forms to collect information from participants prior to workshops, in order to give attentive personalized support.
  • A law institute uses a custom database, plugin and search form that we integrated into their WordPress site to give researchers access to an extensive 8000+ item database of legal abstracts.
  • A Sunshine Coast realtor uses a real estate listing plugin we created for his new WordPress site to enter his own listings and display them to best effect.
  • A visitor centre’s Joomla website uses custom software to pull their facebook postings into the website. We also integrated this into a WordPress site for a dance society.
  • Several non-profits use custom membership forms we’ve created to collect information and payment from new and renewing members.
  • An author sells her books from her WordPress website, using a custom order form we created to calculate the cost of products, shipping and provincial taxes.
  • We were also the sole developer for the complex and highly interactive web portal for the BC forestry sector, WoodSourceBC. This site lets those buying and selling forestry products set up free accounts and post listings for items they are selling or wish to purchase. An automated matchmaking feature identifies when a seller and a buyer are a match, and emails both.

If you’re interested in developing custom web-based software, please contact us. We’ll email you our proprietary Project Discovery Worksheet, which will help you identify both the target audience for your software and what you need that software to achieve. If you require, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement before you share your discovery sheet with us. We’ll review your worksheet, and if we think we can help, we’ll offer a one-hour complimentary call to discuss the project.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we may be able to prepare a fixed price quote following that call, or we’ll recommend working together on an hourly basis to identify and write up detailed project requirements, which you can then use to shop around for multiple bids. Alternatively, if your requirements are evolving, and our schedule permits, we can develop your software on an ongoing hourly basis.


$ 110

  • 1 hour
  • $110/hour


$ 380

  • 4 hours
  • $95/hour


$ 680

  • 8 hours
  • $85/hour


$ 1500

  • 20 hours
  • $75/hour

After your site is launched, we offer long-term support to ensure your site stays up-to-date and functioning properly in the face of software upgrades. Here are just a few of the tasks we can take care of for you:

  • Website content updates, including new pages
  • Website content reorganization
  • Graphic design for logos, flyers, signage and magazine ads
  • Creation of HTML (formatted) email newsletters
  • Development of custom web features like membership forms

For some clients we are an integral part of their team, carrying out a variety of online and graphic design tasks every month. Others only need us a few hours a year. Whether you need occassional assistance, or a major feature like ecommerce, we’ll be here.

Our prepaid hourly packages address this wide range of client needs. Hours are good for one year from the purchase date.

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