Subscription vs Pay as you Go Email Marketing

There are various good options for sending out your email newsletters. These include Constant Contact, VerticalResponse and MailChimp. Later I’ll post a more detailed comparison of these three, but for now I’ll point out one significant difference.

All three companies allow you to buy a monthly subscription for their services; the more emails you need to be able to send out each month, the more you pay for your subscription. Vertical Response and Mail Chimp will also let you “pay as you go”, by buying “credits” which you can then spend on sending out emails. Just like stocking up on postage stamps, you use a certain number of credits to send out each email. (Unlike buying postage stamps, you also get a discount for buying larger quantities of credits.)

So if you send out emails infrequently and/or to small lists, you’ll save money by going with the “pay as you go” option, so VerticalResponse or MailChimp would be a better choice for you. In fact, MailChimp offers a free service where you can send out to a mailing list of up to 2000 email addresses. The catch? There’s a small MailChimp logo at the bottom of every email you send out.

Remember that you need an opt-in mailing list to use any of these mailout services.

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